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The role of ART in a time of War, defending humanitarian aspects

On March 27th, 2022 (Sheraton Grand Doha Forum)

Ukrainian Cultural Ambassador and curator, Nadiia Chernovil with support by Ambassador of Ukraine in Qatar Andrii Kuzmenko met with Democrat Congresswoman Jane Harman and the Deputy Chairman of Open Society Foundation, Alexander Soros.

Doha Forum 2022 Democrat Congresswoman Jane Harman with Ukrainian curator IQTargets Art Nadiia Chernovil

The purpose of the meetings was to reflect on the humanitarian and peace-building avenues that high art opens in times of war and military escalation. These avenues include charity auctions and exhibitions, aiming to serve as platforms for bridging between East and West.

Chernovil also inquired about ways artists can leverage flexible thematic frameworks and develop peaceful narratives to creatively foster collaboration, and enrich cultural diversity and human empowerment.

Doha Forum 2022
The Deputy Chairman of Open Society Foundation, Alexander Soros / Ukrainian curator IQtargets Art Nadiia Chernovil (Doha Forum 2022)


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