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Masterpieces on Walls: Murals as Statement Pieces in Contemporary Interior Design

Posted 28 of April 2023

by Kamil Vokhidov

Chernovil’s lines are the signature touch in interior ART collections

Chefs and artists have much more in common than it may seem. They engage their senses, evoke visual and aesthetic experiences, and make intuitive choices as their souls, please. Just like artists, chefs are the masters of their flow; they develop and trust their vision, and their training is rigorous and technical.

This painting is a visual encapsulation of culinary virtue. Created by the renowned Ukrainian artist Andrii Chernovil, the artwork portrays a barista, so much engaged in making a freshly brewed morning cup of latte, readying to be served along with warm buttered croissants and freshly picked fruits from a garden behind. Barista’s demeanor is calm and focused, his movements are sharp and precise. For him, a latte is more than just coffee. It is an avenue of expression of mastery that took years to develop.

Barista’s commitment to perfection is a work of art. As an avid cook and chef by training, Chernovil conveys a variety of intricate details that communicate his sophisticated understanding of the culinary craft. Thin lines of light shades are part of the visual composition. They connect the barista, his objects of craft, and the ambiance of his working space altogether. These lines are Chernovil’s signature touch as they prevail in his recent collections. They symbolize the interweaving of culinary choices with other forms of artistry. Chernovil’s brushstrokes and the barista’s pouring of frothy boiling milk are of an identical artistic nature as both the artist and barista are agents of art.

Chernovil’s painting is at the forefront of the Professional Chef’s Consultancy office. Specializing in culinary consulting that encompasses concept development, management, and training, Professional Chef’s Consultancy confines its work to no artistic limits. Rather this consultancy firm is in the business of creating. Just like Chenrovil’s artwork, the firm’s advisory chefs are driven by the philosophy of exploring. Backed by years of successful experiences, Professional Chef’s Consultancy considers their projects as forms of art and sees otherwise invisible connections between different branches of culinary craft, delivering authentic culinary experiences

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