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Introducing the Chernovil Art Blog: Exploring the World of High Art

Dear friends,

Welcome to CHERNOVIL ART BLOG POST about the world of high art. For those who see me for the first time, let me introduce myself. I am Nadiia Chernovil, an Art Consultant, and a traveling art agent. I produce educational projects related to high art, curate many exhibitions worldwide, and advise artists and collectors. I really hope that OUR BLOG will help me to attract more people of all walks of life to explore this remarkable world of human imagination.

I strongly believe that art and storytelling have a lot in common. Not only engaging stories about artists and their works are awaiting you, but also unique interviews with distinguished CONTEMPORARY creators, art collectors, museum directors, and auction house agents.

If you like the world of art, if you are fascinated by its beauty, fashion, music, etiquette, and human psychology, please subscribe and fallow the upcoming news!

🎉Exciting news!🎉

Me and Alexandra Bychkova are thrilled to announce new article in the next edition of the Miami-based Avessa magazine will feature an art and culture column! We can't wait to dive into the latest in the art world and explore the cultural scene in Miami. Stay tuned for more updates!



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