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Warmest holiday wishes to all my friends and supporters! I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful holiday season. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. I'm so grateful for each of you! Wishing you lots of love and joy this holiday season.

There is a fine line when an object stops being «just an object» and turns into something absolutely new, acquires new features and becomes an art object. How does value of such a painting depend on a specific brush stroke or on the way we start seeing special meaning in it?

Look carefully at the target! What do you see? What do you feel looking at it?

When just 30 or 40 years ago we would have seen a challenge, different from all others or even sarcasm, now we understand absolutely differently! Respect for cultural differences, traditions and nations. Movement for equal rights. And at the same time we recognize a message that the world is changing and moving towards new goals no matter how we feel about it.

The value of this painting, as many other modern artworks, is first of all not only in its technique but in its meaning. The author quotes, without trying to imitate the origin, and the viewer easily understands these symbols without any additional explanations. That it’s possible to harmonically combine such different things as target paper, Christmas signs and reflections about the current changes happening in the world. And to stay compact.

And the main thing is that no matter which meanings the author wanted to imply, each viewer can discover something own and will be right too.


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