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"ReBirth Ukraine" artwork in world biggest Street Art Festival

Photo by Sharyn Chan

The 29th Street Art Festival was held in Lake Worth, Florida, on February 25-26, 2023. This is one of the largest festivals in the world, which attracts artists, musicians and photographers from the United States and Canada.

This year, more than 600 artists and thousands of visitors took part in the festival.

(photos by Roman Smolkin)

Ukrainian artist Andrii Chernovil made a symbolic 3-D art called "ReBirth" dedicated to the tragic anniversary of the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Andrii is founder of social art movement for IQtargets art he used practice target paper as symbolic meaning of human goals.

The work was done in priority of the blue and yellow colors of the flag of Ukraine, which symbolize the strength of the Ukrainian people and the spirit of revival for freedom, life and prosperity. The second name Chernovill, with which the work was signed, also reminded viewers of the urgency of protecting Chernobyl and preserving Ukraine's natural and energy resources.

Thanks to the 3-D effect of volume and visual transparency, and the elements of the picture, achieved in the technique of color pastel, which is quite difficult, Andrii's picture aroused considerable interest among visitors and professional photographers, who shared the photos on various social networks and media pages.

The life of all paintings after the festival continues in photos and memories, so the further life of "ReBirth" will be transformation on the blockchain into a symbolic NFT and various wallpapers and stickers.

More photos and videos coming soon

Glory to Ukraine

© Nadiia Chernovil, Alexandra Bychkova


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