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Giant leap: ART and TECHNOLOGY

Giant leap: ART and TECHNOLOGY

The development of VR / AR was one of the main discoveries of the first quarter of the 21st century. Virtual and augmented reality technologies are being developed and actively used in various modern industries. Special apps and programs help people travel, learn, transmit information, and create parallel worlds. The future is created here and now by artists, scientists and IT specialists together. The artist participates in the process of creating the model and concept, and the Ukrainian IT specialist company V-ART programs it for virtual life.

"United by a single goal" sculpture-created by Ukrainian artist Andrey Chernovol, using AR. The idea originated in 2015, as a series of sculptures created from car logos, such well-known brands as TOYOTA,TESLA, ASTON-MARTIN, BMW, LAND-ROVER, VW and others, - says the artist. The goal is to convey the brand's philosophy and history through a visual image. AR / VR is a tool that allows you to implement ideas, and is an environmental material. Being in Doha (Qatar) and creating virtual objects feels the infinity of space, freedom for creativity and interaction. PABLIC ART and the message it carries have always interested me, as an artist, modern technologies provide an opportunity to interact through an application on a gadget, where you can convey to the viewer the necessary emotions, aesthetic experience, cultural memory and knowledge.

Technology and art interact with public space, complement the spiritual and material components of the city, and create a shared experience for our contemporaries and future generations. This sculpture embodies the unity of the past and present. It is made up in a completely unique way : - from car logos. “TOYOTA” innovative leader

Is driven by a course by a purpose by belief, that we are UNITED by one GOAL with “continuous improvement of inovation ”and " changing together the course for sustainability of the world .

Everything We do We do together

A lioness is a symbolic image captured before the jump and shows the possibility of reaching a new level of development, gives understanding and disclosure of her personal strength, power, self-confidence. Endows with a tendency to dominate, which is always good for the entire pride. I think that the idea could be concluded in such words as:







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