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IQtargets: Celebrating Excellence in Art & Human Aspirations Visit Qatar cultural experience.

Qatar Tourism Awards interview

Posted 16/07/2023

by Curator Nadiia Chernovil

1. Present overview of the cultural experience you provide ?

Nadiia (N): Me and Andrii Chernovil, a visionary artist and founder of the Museum of Human Goals in Florida, USA, has pioneered a unique and interactive social art movement known as IQtargets Art Message for Peace since 2014.

During his time in Doha, Qatar, Andrii led numerous cultural programs and activities at his gallery space, attracting distinguished guests, members of the Royal Family, tourists, athletes, students, and art enthusiasts. Through IQtargets, participants had the extraordinary opportunity to leave their names and signatures on historical artworks, expressing their positive goals and aspirations.

The initiative's hallmark lies in the use of targets as symbols of Human Goals, uniting people from all walks of life and inspiring progress for civilization. This approach fosters a sense of unity and connection, encouraging individuals to share their dreams and visions through art. Andrii's dedication to service excellence is evident in the seamless and enriching experience provided to artists and visitors, from the international call for artists to the exhibition itself. By integrating art with the universal concept of goals, Andrii's cultural experience leaves a profound impact on participants and contributes to the celebration of human aspirations and the pursuit of positive change.

2. How does your cultural offering create an enhanced visitor experience ?

Nadiia (N): Museum of Human Goals and IQtargets exhibitions initiatives by Andrii Chernovil is inclusive and accessible to people from all walks of life, regardless of physical limitations, disabilities, gender, age, nationality, or language.

It transcends barriers and allows everyone to participate and engage in meaningful ways. The tourism

Cultural Experiences: IQtargets Art Message for Peace creates a powerful cultural experience by internationally showcasing artwork that represents diverse perspectives and cultural identities. It fosters appreciation for different cultures and promotes unity through artistic expression.

3. How you achieved in service excellence ?

(N): To enhance the visitor experience, IQtargets Art Message for Peace provides thousands of posters, magnets, and souvenirs featuring Andrii Chernovil's artworks, allowing guests to take home a piece of Qatar's artistic essence.

One of the hallmarks of service excellence is the interactive nature of the art movement. Guests actively participate in the creation of artworks, fostering a sense of engagement and connection to the message of peace and positive goals.

The team at IQtargets Art Message for Peace is dedicated to ensuring that each guest has a memorable and immersive experience during their gallery visit, making it a truly exceptional and service-oriented exhibition

4. Describe how you promote your cultural experience.

(N): IQtargets Art Message for Peace promotes a rich cultural experience by embracing diversity, unity, and artistic expression. Through its art movement, IQtargets encourages individuals from different cultures and backgrounds to come together and share their unique perspectives, languages, and national identities. The artworks exhibited in the museum's collection represent a tapestry of human goals and aspirations, reflecting the richness and complexity of global culture.

The art initiatives and exhibitions organized by IQtargets showcase the power of art as a universal language that transcends boundaries and connects people from all walks of life. By involving artists and participants from various countries and mediums, IQtargets creates a platform for cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

Through its focus on positive goals and messages for peace, IQtargets fosters an atmosphere of harmony and collaboration, where cultural differences are celebrated and united through the common language of art. This inclusive approach to cultural experience promotes empathy, appreciation, and a deeper understanding of the world's diverse cultures.

5. Identify the tourism promotional events you regularly attend ?

(N): As a tourist promotional event, IQtargets Art Message for Peace has participated in numerous prestigious art exhibitions and events worldwide, showcasing Qatar's art and receiving recognition for its outstanding contributions to the art community. Some of the notable events include:

2017 Art Basel Basel 3 Prize: IQtargets received recognition and acclaim at one of the most renowned art fairs globally, Art Basel, held in Basel, Switzerland.

2017 London Saatchi Gallery: IQtargets exhibited its powerful artworks at the esteemed Saatchi Gallery in London, UK, gaining international exposure.

2017 Freeze Week New York: IQtargets was part of Freeze Week in New York, contributing to the vibrant art scene of the country.

2018 Cultural Village Katara: IQtargets joined Qatari artists in an exhibition at the Cultural Village Katara, more than 80 International artists promoting the IQtargets art message for Peace.

2019 First Future Vision Sustainable Art Exhibition: This exhibition held QF Green Building, Qatar, highlighted IQtargets' commitment to sustainable art and creative vision.

2019 Florence Bienniale: IQtargets proudly represented Qatar at the prestigious Florence Biennale and was awarded 5 Premio for its exceptional contributions.

In Venice Biennale 2019 Ukrainian Pavilion: "May we live in interesting time "Andrii Chernovil Contemporary Ukrainian artist presents Ukraine and Qatar by his works of IQtargets art movement and promoting art and cultural exchange.

And many more activities such as call for artists, art talk, Art Tours so on…

IQtargets also actively engages students and volunteers, providing guiding activities, tours, and tutorials, inspiring the younger generation of artists and art enthusiasts to embrace their creative potential. These achievements have solidified IQtargets' reputation as a global cultural force and an ambassador for Qatar's vibrant and diverse art scene

6. How does your cultural experience align with the objects and priorities of Qatar Tourism ?

(N): The Museum of Human Goals Fl. USA IQtargets Art world art movement (all rights reserved). IQtargets Art Message for Peace perfectly align with the objectives and priorities of Qatar's culture and tourism. Both initiatives embody Qatar's commitment to promoting art, culture, and sustainable tourism experiences.

The Museum of Human Goals celebrates the diversity of human aspirations, reflecting goals and ambitions Qatar's efforts to preserve and perpetuate local culture and traditions. Through its rich tapestry of artistic expressions, the museum fosters introspection, connection, and personal growth, contributing to the socioeconomic development of country by promoting a deeper understanding of human goals and values.

Similarly, IQtargets Art Message for Peace promotes cultural experiences by utilizing art as a universal language that transcends boundaries and easily unites people worldwide. The initiative showcases Qatar's commitment to fostering creativity and artistic expression by featuring artworks inspired by Qatar and the Middle East experiences. IQtargets also actively engages students and volunteers, promoting accessibility and broad access to art experiences for all.

Together, the Museum of Human Goals and IQtargets contribute to Qatar's tourism priorities by offering unique and memorable experiences that celebrate art, culture, and sustainable development, during many famous art, sport and cultural events : 2016

USID Doha - 2016 World Cycling Road Championship, CISM 2016 World Championship, India -Qatar, France -Qatar, USA-Qatar making Qatar a destination that enriches the lives of both visitors and locals alike.

7. Describe how your cultural experience provides economic benefits to the local community ?

(N): IQtargets cultural activities experience provides significant economic benefits to the local community through various avenues. Firstly, hosting art exhibitions, workshops, and events generates revenue for local businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation services, as visitors and participants require accommodations and sustenance during their stay.

Moreover, IQtargets' focus on promoting local artists and engaging with emerging talents creates opportunities for the growth of the local art market. This, in turn, attracts art enthusiasts, collectors, and investors, boosting art sales and contributing to the local economy.

Additionally, the initiative's emphasis on sustainable development and cultural preservation encourages the promotion of local crafts, traditions, and cultural products, providing income opportunities for artisans and small businesses that cater to the growing interest in cultural experiences.

8. Outline how your cultural experience is environmentally friendly ?


  • Eco-Friendly Exhibitions: Our cultural experience focuses on organizing eco-friendly exhibitions that prioritize sustainable practices. We use eco-friendly materials for installations, signage, and displays, minimizing waste and promoting recycling.

  • Renewable Energy: We strive to power our events and activities using renewable energy sources whenever possible. By utilizing solar or wind energy, we reduce our carbon footprint and promote clean energy alternatives.

  • Sustainable Transportation: We encourage participants and visitors to use sustainable transportation options, such as public transit or carpooling, to reduce emissions and promote eco-conscious travel.

  • Waste Reduction: Our cultural experience promotes waste reduction through responsible waste management practices. We provide recycling bins and educate attendees about the importance of waste reduction and recycling.

  • Environmental Education: We integrate eco-education elements into our exhibitions and activities, raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting Earth Eco planning development in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Nature-Inspired Art: Our art initiatives often draw inspiration from nature, highlighting its beauty and vulnerability. By showcasing nature-inspired art, we encourage a deeper connection with the environment and the need for its preservation.

  • Partnerships with Eco-Friendly Organizations: We collaborate with eco-friendly organizations and green initiatives to align our cultural experience with broader environmental goals and foster a network of like-minded advocates for sustainability.

Through these practices, our cultural experience endeavors to be environmentally friendly and contribute positively to the global effort to safeguard our planet and promote eco-conscious living.

9. Describe how you will continue to grow and sustain your cultural experience over the next five years ?

(N): Over the next five years, we have ambitious plans to expand and enhance our cultural experience to reach new heights and engage a broader audience. Our growth strategy includes the following key initiatives:

  • Global Reach: We aim to extend our presence to new international locations, collaborating with diverse communities and artists worldwide. By participating in prominent art events and biennales, we will share the message of IQtargets Art and the Museum of Human Goals on a global stage.

  • Digital Expansion: Embracing technology, we will develop interactive online platforms, virtual exhibitions, and NFT art experiences. These digital initiatives will allow us to connect with a larger virtual audience and engage art enthusiasts from across the globe.

  • Educational Programs: We plan to establish art-motivated educational programs, workshops, and artist residencies to foster creativity and positive goal-setting among aspiring artists, students, and the local community.

  • Sustainable Partnerships: Collaborating with eco-conscious organizations and cultural institutions, we will incorporate sustainability principles into our activities and exhibitions, demonstrating our commitment to environmental preservation.

  • Innovation in Art: Pushing artistic boundaries, we will encourage experimentation with new mediums and art forms, attracting cutting-edge artists and further elevating the cultural experience.

Through these initiatives, our cultural experience will continue to evolve, leaving a lasting impact on the art world and inspiring individuals to embrace positive goals and pursue creative expression.

More info about Visit Qatar

Qatar_Tourism_Awards_Guidebook EN(3)_compressed
Download PDF • 2.57MB

Honored to receive the trophy from Qatar Tourism Council for an Outstanding Cultural Experience at the Chernovil Art Gallery, a hub for cultural and tourist attraction. Since 2014, our efforts have been dedicated to involving and introducing the public to art.

We've curated art exhibitions, art talks, international and local calls for artists, created portrait collections “ Portrait of Contemporary”, artworks, and installations for museum and foundation collections. 

Our initiative, IQtargets Art, has garnered multiple local and international achievements: representing Ukraine and Qatar in Saatchi Gallery, winning the 3D prize at Art Basel, earning the 5 Premio in Florence Biennale 2019, and participating in Venice Biennale 2019. We created thousands of recognized souvenirs that travel around the world. 

Our students have successfully studied and worked in the USA, Qatar, and Europe. Over eight years, we've created hidden gem murals and frescoes in amazing palaces, fostering extraordinary encounters and leaving behind great memories.

Continuing our journey in North America( USA, Canada, Mexico) with the Museum of Human Goals, our mission is ambitious and socially significant:

Developing a creative economy sector

With the Profits are important the primary focus Here it is necessary to put at the forefront the social benefits that the project brings to society. 

Fostering collaborations with world famous museums, foundations and institutions for synergy of message for peace for next generation. 

Keep going…

Thank you for your trust. We hope for further collaboration.Qatar Museums Qatar Foundation The Cultural Village Foundation - Katara Khalifa Al Obaidly Sotheby's Deloitte 

Best regards,

Nadiia Chernovil Curator of the Museum of Human Goals

Founder Andrii Chernovil


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