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Welcome to ART REVIEW blog : by curator Nadiia Chernovil


April 17, 2024

Miami, Fl. USA

This week we visited the exhibition of the Ukrainian artist from Odessa - Irina Sushelnitskaya in Miami!

Irina, originally from Odessa, received her education at the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University, and today is a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and an Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Ukrainian artist Iryna Sushelnytska
Art by Iryna Sushelnytska

The symbolism of her works reflects a bright, poignant vision of the world, which is intertwined with the artist’s philosophical vision. Irina creates compositions filled with energy and inspiration that invite us to look into the reality of today's period in the life of modern society.

Her works are thoughts, characters, symbols and deep philosophy about the visible and invisible, conscious and unconscious, as well as natural and virtual. She translates her observations about the world into abstract models that become a source of inspiration for us all.

Using color and textures, Irina creates bright and dynamic works that can evoke emotions and touch the depths of the soul of every viewer. Her creative process embodies the spirit of her childhood, where every moment was full of exploration and creativity.

"The world is infinitely diverse and, at the same time, one. I transform observations of nature and events into abstract models. The result is compositions full of contrasts and energy, which are the essence of my art."


We are glad to see the works of Irina Sushelnitskaya in Miami. And wishing her great sales and success in USA.

Best regards,

Art curator Nadiia Chernovil

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