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Project Title: "Cardboard Angels" by Andrii Chernovil

November 13, 2023

Project Description: This proposal aims to bring public art, cultural engagement, and artistic innovation to a prominent fashion mall space.

Angels drawing, painting on the brand boxes
Mall installation

The project revolves around the creation and observation of a unique art piece, titled "Cardboard Angels," involving public participation in the creative process

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Artistic Concept:

The artist, Andrii Chernovil, intends to use various brand empty cardboard boxes as the primary material for crafting a distinctive masterpiece through painting. This concept draws on the philosophy of cardboard boxes symbolizing protection, akin to angels safeguarding valuable contents - representing the human body as a container for precious belongings.

Budget Description: Discussible

"Just as packaging cardboard preserves its contents, so does an Angel protect a person on his earthly journey. That's why they call him "Guardian Angel"

Project Progress:

The project will unfold over 3-4 days in an open public space, specifically indoors within the fashion mall.


Assorted branded boxes in different sizes and colors to serve as the canvas for the artwork.

Post-Production Progress:

  • Promotion of the artwork through social media platforms.

  • An artist talk session to elucidate the inspiration and creative process.

  • Specialized art media publications such as magazines and brochures to showcase the project.

  • Opportunity for an auction sale of the artwork, extending the project's impact beyond its creation phase.

This initiative not only fosters artistic expression but also engages the public in an immersive and participatory art experience, amplifying the cultural vibrancy within the fashion mall space.

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drawing, painting, on brand box, mall decor,
"Angel Box" by Andrii Chernovil

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