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IQtargets ART TOUR in Canada!

IQtargets Social Movement in Canada

Published 30 of June 2023

by Curator Nadiia Chernovil

We are thrilled to announce that IQtargets, the Social Art Movement spreading a message for peace, is coming to Canada in August-September!

As we prepare for our journey, we are reaching out to government organizations, companies, and cultural institutions across Canada to invite them to join us in organizing IQtargets message for peace events in their locations.

IQtargets provides a unique platform for individuals to express their aspirations and goals for a more peaceful world through art. By participating in our events, attendees will have the opportunity to create meaningful artworks that will become part of the Museum of Human Goals' cultural exchange and artistic legacy.

We kindly request your support and collaboration in making these events possible. Whether you are a government representative, a company interested in promoting peace and art, or a cultural institution seeking to engage your community, we would be delighted to partner with you. Together, we can inspire positive change and foster a culture of peace through artistic expression.

If you or your organization are interested in hosting an IQtargets event or would like more information, please reach out to us via direct message or email. Let's make a difference together!

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey across Canada! 🇨🇦



Art management, Arts and Cultural Projects, Managing and developing Exhibitions A-Z of IQTargets Art events, Artwork fabrication, handling Art installations, Digital projects, etc. executed by IQTargets as a leading Consultant.

INTRO EVENT (15-30 min) – meetings/presentations introduction of idea of MUSEUM OF HUMAN GOALS, possibility to write positive message for upcoming artwork.

ART TALK – (1-2 hours / 35+ people) meeting audience with artist and curator, on TV Screen storytelling IQtargets ideas, philosophy of artworks, collections, VIP and international audience, future plans.

INTERVIEW – this is a format for unformal interview with invited guest(s) about DAYGLY/LIFE GOALS Moderated by Curator Nadiia Chernovil.

CALL FOR ARTIST – call for local and international artists to create their artworks on target paper for upcoming exhibition, and MUSEUM OF HUMEN GOALS.

Civic and Public Art Projects developing Curatorial Plan, Statement, title and theme.

COLLABORATIVE EVENTS – any specific events (from 2 hours – 6 month+ ) where the organizer invite IQTARGETS to collect messages from audience for creating historical assets artwork for future generation and MUSEUM OF HUMEN GOALS.

EXHIBITION – contained from collection of artist Andrii Chernovil Founder of IQtargets art movement and international artists


Backdrop banner

Wall Retractable Banner

Table 2 chairs


Photo- Video- spot


Digital Art, including but not limited to:

- Historical Data Art

- Light Art

- Video Art

- Sound Art

- Digital Painting

- Digital Projection

- Interactive Art


2D Art :

- Wall Painting And Decoration

- Mosaic & Tile

- Photography

- Graphic Art

- Street Art & Graffiti

- Fashion design

- Interior / Exterior design

Art Installation, dynamic Art

- 3D Art

- Hanging Sculptures and Elements

- Interventions on Space (Floor, Ceiling, )

Achievements, Publications, Historical Facts, Books, so on





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