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"Building a Bright Future: Invest Today in the Museum of Human Goals!"

Published 7 of July 2023

2024 Venice Biennale pavilions to run from 20 April – 24 November 2024 For Partner / Sponsor / Grant Programs

We are writing to present to you our business plan for the development of the Museum of Human Goals and to seek your support as a potential partner, sponsor, or grant program.


The Museum of Human Goals is a privately-owned public museum with a focus on history and culture. Our main goal is to expand people's knowledge and understanding of history and culture through the lens of Human Goal Setting and the symbol of the Target. We aim to collect, preserve, and popularize materials related to this subject, conduct research, and develop awareness about Goal Setting, both on individual and global levels.

Key Objectives of the Museum:

  • Collect, store, and popularize materials related to Human Goal Setting

  • Conduct research in the field

  • Promote and develop knowledge and awareness about Goal Setting, both in everyday life and on a global scale

  • Establish ontological, epistemological, axiological, and aesthetic guidelines for society

  • Accurately and comprehensively present the cultures of different nations, challenging stereotypes and misconceptions

  • Foster unity and understanding of the world around us

  • Promote tolerance and cultural exchange

  • Instill a sense of value and appreciation for cultural and historical heritage

  • Engage with students through educational programs

  • Collaborate actively with art institutions, non profit organizations, founds, museums worldwide

"Every person has a goal"


The project is a creative collaboration at the intersection of cultural and sports disciplines, aiming to attract a wide range of participants, including professionals in the fields of culture, sports, and more, as well as individuals interested in setting and achieving goals. Our project recognizes that every individual and nation has goals, be they daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifelong, and aims to explore and celebrate these aspirations.

Project Stages:

  • Preparation for an international competition

  • Conducting the international competition and recognizing participants

  • Establishing the Museum of Human Goals, including the necessary organizational structure, such as a foundation, board, legal department, accounting department, collection management, and virtual platform development

  • Implementation of guided tours and special programs

PR and SMM:

  • Implementation of advertising and promotional campaigns through social media channels

Target Groups:

  • Artists and art theorists

  • Participants from all backgrounds and walks of life

  • Government and business institutions interested in collaboration


The project focuses on preserving and immortalizing memories, names, locations, events, and goals through the creation of a literary and art documentary composition.

Stages of project development:

Preparatory Stage (1/1/2023 - 12/31/2023):

  • Formation of the project team and defining roles and responsibilities

  • Analysis and research of potential partners, sponsors, and grant programs

  • Development of a business plan and growth strategy

  • Budget planning and financial resource allocation

  • Commencement of the search for a suitable location for the museum and beginning of construction

Construction Stage (12/01/2023 - 31/12/2025):

  • Design and construction of the Museum of Human Goals ( 5 / 2023 - 5 / 2024 )

  • Development of exhibition halls, library, art school, and museum infrastructure

  • Procurement of necessary equipment and materials

  • Collaboration with architects and designers to create a unique atmosphere

  • Formation of collections (2015-2030):

Collection and creation period, spanning from 2015 to 2030

  • Active search and acquisition of artworks related to Human Goals

  • Collaboration with artists and collectors to enrich museum collections

  • Systematization and organization of collections for public display

Organizational Stage (31/12/2023 - 31/12/2030):

  • Establishment of the museum's endowment fund and creation of management structure

  • Development of partnership and sponsorship relationships to ensure financial sustainability

  • Organization of exhibition programs, lectures, and events for the public

  • Collection management, preservation, and updates

Marketing Stage:

  • Development and implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns to attract visitors

  • Promotion of the museum on social media and in the press

  • Participation in international exhibitions and events to draw attention to the Museum of Human Goals

  • Development of a virtual platform for online access to collections and museum activities

Note: The completion dates and durations of each stage may vary depending on specific conditions and project development factors.

We invite individuals to participate by filling in individual targets, which will convey the unity of people in pursuit of shared goals and demonstrate how everyday goals shape individuals, society, nature, and the environment.

The project welcomes partners, sponsors, art and culture organizations for participation and offers individuals the opportunity to leave their mark on the history of art.

We invite you to become a partner or sponsor of our project and join us in realizing the goals we have outlined.

We kindly request a zoom call meeting or discussion to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

If you are interested, please contact us by email iqtargetsart{at}gmail{.}com.

We are open to providing additional information and answering any questions you may have.

We look forward to the possibility of working together to create a meaningful and impactful Museum

Best regards,

Nadiia Chernovil

Curator / Museum of Human Goals. Corp

Hallandale, S Ocean Drive, Florida USA


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