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60th Venice Biennale from 20 April – 24 November 2024 "Foreigners Everywhere" IQTargets message

ArtReview News 13 July 2023

Curator Nadiia Chernovil

In accordance with the announced theme "Stranieri Ovunque - Foreigners Everywhere" of the 60th Venice Biennale by President Roberto Cicutto and Curator Adriano Pedrosa, we are delighted to submit our application for participation of IQTargets Art Message for Peace in the ____ Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2024.

Since 2014, the international art movement and social initiative IQTargets - Message for Peace has gathered thousands of participants from around the world, collecting their signatures in their native languages. We have organized various events to engage artists, cultural figures, politicians, business leaders, and new participants, transforming their signatures into artworks.

Diverse social groups, including local and international students, exchange program participants in universities and schools, coaches, athletes, guests, tourists, and fans, are an integral part of our project. Each artwork created by our participants represents a unique historical heritage. Combined with a unique target number and the event's location, they create an unforgettable combination in time and space.

Each artwork embodies aspects of unity through differences, and the language used reflects the realities of the time.

The collection consists of a thousand artworks from eight series, such as:

1. Social Art Movement Message for Peace since 2015,

2. Happy and Sad Faces of People Around the World,

3. Future Vision Sustainable Art

4. Healing Targets.

5. Large canvases with meaningful targets,

6. COLLECTION of SMALL meaningful targets,

7. TARGETIZM art movement from international artists participated in IQtargets Art

Catalogs, Photo and Video assets

Download PDF • 15.02MB

We believe that goals are the driving force of progress, and every individual has their own unique goals. Therefore, it is important to study, proclaim, consider, and preserve the goals of our remarkable contemporaries as they represent cultural and artistic heritage.

As part of the approved IQTargets plan for 2023-2024, we plan to continue involving various social groups, university students, individuals with disabilities, children's groups, and more. Participation in the project will be confirmed through the generation of NFT certificates.

From July to October, the Art Tour "10000 Miles, Goals, Achievements" aims to collect historical material in the form of messages on target paper symbolized the human goal, photos and videos from individuals whose lives are driven by goals.

We offer an online platform for participation and active engagement of all visitors. Benefits for visitors from potential sponsors, including discount programs for food, accommodation, and transportation, are also planned. The art exhibition will take place on various platforms.

We have already secured agreements with several universities to collaborate with student groups and faculty members, as well as hotel networks and their guests.

We are confident that our collection, gathered since 2014 and comprising a significant number of artworks, publications, participation in numerous exhibitions, and awards, will be a worthy representation of the United States of America at the Venice Biennale.

It will mark the beginning of a history of collecting and preserving the goals of humanity at the Museum of Human Goals.

We also propose an interactive pavilion utilizing screens and the opportunity for real-time online participation at multiple locations on urban screens worldwide.

This project epitomizes a new vision for sustainable development and the preservation of democratic principles through the lens of art and goal-setting. It aligns seamlessly with the theme of the Venice Biennale 2024 and the United States' policy supporting immigration programs.

We hope for the opportunity to present our project and discuss the details of our participation with you. We eagerly await your response.

Best regards, IQTargets Art Message for Peace Team

Curator Nadiia Chernovil

More info about founder Andrii Chernovil


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