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Nadiia Chernovil

(1980 Lviv, Ukraine)

Cultural Ambassador / Entrepreneur / Curator / Art Strategy Consultant

/ Auction House Agent / NFT researcher 

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Nadiia's Story

Nadiia Chernovil is a curator and an art theorist of visual culture, currently based in Doha, Qatar. 
She is a member of Qatar Fine Art Association since 2014
Member of Qatar Tour Guide Association. 
1995-2000 - Graduated from Grekov University of High Art (Odesa, Ukraine)
2000-2005 - Received Masters Degree in the National Academy of Law (European Law)
2000-2014 - Experienced entrepreneur in International  Art and Design (Qatar, Ukraine, USA, Italy, China, UK)
Agent and Strategic Manager of Artist Andrii (Abhinava) Chernovil 
Since 2014, private Art Consultant for Qatar Royal Family members (Doha, Qatar)
In 2019, has completed Strategy and Planning training at Sotheby’s Institute of Art (Strategy and Planning). 

In 2020 has completed the course "International art management. Professional"  Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Nadiia has appeared multiple times on CNN Ukraine, Ukrainian National TV, ICTV, Qatar National TV, Gulf Times, Qatar Tribune,

Al Watan, and consulted art and business questions on International Radio Stations, podcast and produced educational Art and Design Television show on Region Odessa TV and for satelite TV channel

Nadiia has written about the art business since 2000. Her written work was featured in syndicated column "Art and Design Talks,"  and appeared in Ukrainian Magazine’s (Boryspil Magazine) and Art News newspaper. 

She has completed the Practical Guide training and attained qualification to organize expert tours for artists, private collectors across the world.


She curates the IQTargets Art project, a multi-institutional art project, representing the power of motivation and unity in arts and visual culture, alongside the construction of contentious cultural heritages in art institutions, collections, and public spaces. 

Nadiia focuses on producing theoretical research projects, employing the ideas of unity of peoples’ goals through the sport shooting target as an allegory of human goal. 

Her curatorial projects focus on international collaborative art practices, sustainable art projects by artists looking at visual positive influence for public, and community-based projects.

In 2019-2021, Nadiia Chernovil curated the exhibition Future Vision /Green Building Qatar Foundation (Doha) as Principal Investigator of Sustainable Art since 2015.

Currently, Nadiia is curating multiple exhibitions with more than 50 international artist representing the ideas of Targets as allegory of human goals.

 Chernovil worked a Senior Research Scholar (Municipal Gallery in Odessa Ukraine). She holds a Master in Fine Art from Odessa State Art College by name of Grekov. (1995-2000). 

In 2013, she moved to Qatar. IQTargets Art won the 3-d Award Art Basel (2017 Basel), and the 5-th Medal in Florance Biennale Award. 
Her research and curatorial project The Portrait of Contemporaries (2019-2022, Qatar) addressing the politics and aesthetics of naming, writing histories, and the writing of memory in art and public space in Middle Eastern countries. 

Chernovil’s publications include bridge Difference in the Eastern European and Middle Eastern.  Working and traveling in Nepal, India, the Middle East, Europe and the US, the topics of her exhibitions are ranging from public to private.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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