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Andrii (ABHINAVA) Chernovil has accomplished several outstanding projects and these are just part of his most interesting projects. Inspired by nature and the Universe itself he has brought to life an international movement- TARGETIZM, which has attracted people from all over the world.


In 2016 Chernovil Art launched a social campaign to promote “Target” as a symbol of peace. The main aim for all humanity is peace, so we united to reach this target together.

The project “IQtargets - message for peace” starts by inviting individuals and international artists within the community to write messages of peace on targets paper.

The targets are then collected and used as the canvas for beautiful art works and as artistic movement “for peace around the world”.

banner targetizm 42x59.4 cm.jpeg


Chernovil Art Gallery under the umbrella of the Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Qatar has the honor to announce that we have launched a new permanent cultural and artistic platform - The Virtual Museum "UKRAINE: NEW ERA ART".

The opening of the first-ever exhibition of the above-mentioned virtual museum is planned also in cooperation with the public organization «International Institute of Cultural Diplomacy».

The main goal of this project is to showcase properly modern Ukraine and masterpieces of the Ukrainian artists to the Qatari and eventually to the wider audience

Logo_museum new1.png
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