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The collection "Distingushed Qataris" is a creative initiative of a Ukrainian artist living in Qatar since 2014, with the help of the author's technique and knowledge of the cultural characteristics and customs of the Qatari people, to carry out the birth of a new modern portrait as an object of cultural heritage for future generations.

The new art collection "Distinguished Contemporaries" leave the great world heritage to promote friendship, cultural diplomacy between Middle Eastern and Eastern European countries of Ukraine and the State of Qatar and contribute significantly to the development of cultural cooperation between our states.


Andrii Chernovil

Artist, Andrii Chernovil was born in 1977.


Famous contemporary Ukrainian artists, a bearer of the traditions of the Eastern European art school, since 1885 trained such world-famous artists as Kandinsky (1885-1893) Shimon Okshtein 1951-2020 (USA),  and Andrii's teacher - Vitaly Alikberov (1944-2014) - the contribution of each of these artists to the world treasury of art is invaluable.

Portraits painted by Andrii are in the collections of the Ruling family of Qatar.

The portraits he painted are unique, they are encoded with images and time the features of the uniqueness of the personality with its deep inner world, as a unique creation of the Creator, are revealed.


In the collection, through the author's handwriting of the artist, biographies, stories of business and creative contacts are reflected, with the help of symbols, the worldview and attitude of people who are an important part of the historical, political and artistic context of the cultural life of the country and region are revealed

It is through the portrait that the artist, along with diplomats, introduces the world community to his contemporaries " Distinguished Heroes of their Time »



Золотой Пергамент

Certificate of Authenticity


Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and an individual art appraisal. 
We are pleased to provide our customers and collectors with door to door shipping worldwide. 

Worldwide Shipping

We are pleased to provide our customers and collectors with door to door shipping worldwide.



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