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The Portrait of Contemporary by Andrii Abhinava Chernovil

Published 15/03/2022 by Curator Nadiia Chernoovil

Part 1, Family

Andrii studied drawing techniques and visual art in the studio of his famous mentor Vitaly Alikbekov. Daily commitment as a drawer and painter - and an avid traveller since 1995 - tailored Andrii’s focus on creating images of various ethnicities and his family, friends and Andrii’s collectors, Al Thani family.

Throughout his creative journey all over the world, Andrii produced more than fifty portraits. Here we present an exclusive selection of commissioned artworks, which have become parts of private Al Thani family collection, supported by Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Foundation.

In 2020 supported idea of Portrait collection by amazing hidden studio in Roof Top Burj Doha.

The exposition "Family" is the first segment of The Portrait of Contemporary.

During two years Andrii developed and created his new style of painting mixed old musters knowledge with contemporary artistic vision. Layer by layer he created the characters and beautiful story behind, personal story and art heritage connecting his experience of eight years life in Qatar.

Here we present new works focusing on the theme of family, created in close partnership with the Al Thani family during the pandemic time.

Today most of collection is finished and by agreement with Family we are able to invite in person VIP guest friends and art professionals to show the paintings life, because of privacy issue and video and photo never give this impression from life observation and story behind. We will be happy to host Royal Family members to show the artworks from Family collection.

The new paint techniques crystallized the idea of continuing trajectory of Andrii’s creative journey involves images of individuals of primary importance to the emergence and rulership of Qatar as a nation-state. Those individuals include forward-seeing diplomats, entrepreneurs, cultural figures who Andrii meets, creating his collections.

Download PDF • 10.96MB

"Portrait of Contemporary" Exhibition catalog


May 2022 Solo exhibition «Portrait of Contemporary» Royal collection

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