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Exhibition “LOOK”

“All higher goals come from higher space. Human’s must strive up.” Andrii Chernovil 


16 Dec 2019 - 15 of Jenuary 2020, the Art Exhibition ‘…LOOK…’ took place in Katara Cultural Village, Building 22. 


The word/verb LOOK, when collocated with a certain preposition or adverb, acquires a completely different meaning from when it is used on its own, for instance, look at, or look into, look in…

The meaning of these words the author shows with arrows of the direction of attention «Inside» and «Outside»


The Author is welcoming the travelers to take intrinsic and extrinsic journeys to the touristy places as well as to the less known and accessible ones.

The works have captured the city as well as the natural landscapes which transport an onlooker to the depth of sub-consciousness.

The ‘LOOK’ Exhibition comprises three thematic parts.

Part 1 ‘Outside’ – artworks collection offers to look at routine from the creative point of view;

Part 2 ‘LOOK’ – this is the second zone of the Exhibition. The Author erases the line between two- and three-dimensional objects. The onlooker sees different things depending on the angles they look at.

Part 3 ‘Inside’ – the visitors are offered to admire the familiar views through the unfamiliar foreshortenings, where the velvet rays of sunlight barely tough the magnificent Doha.



About artist

Andrii Chernovil is a Ukranian contemporary artist. 


Born  in 1977 in Odessa Ukraine Andrii went on to graduate from M.B. Grekov Odesa State Art University in 2000. 


Andrii is one of the 10 "spiritualist artists". He has spent the past 5 years based from Qatar. Andrii's work includes painting, photography, collage, sculpture, installations and multimedia work.



Andrii travels the world and his works have been exhibited in Saatchi Gallery (London) and Art Basel (Basel) among many more. He has held multiple exhibitions in Qatar and Ukraine. Also in India and Italy. Andrii's paintings are sold at auctions all around the world and adorn numerous private collections. 


Andrii is the founder of Chernovil Art Gallery and the co-founder of the movement called TARGETIZM which launched in 2016 with the beautiful concept of using shooting targets as an allegory representing the achievement of goals that support peace and unity.  This art movement also known as iqtargets was awarded 5th premio at Florence Biennale in October 2019. 


He also collaborates with clothing brand Mandatory / who take special pieces from the TAREGTIZM collection and transform them through hand finishing into unique re-prints of the original work.



e-catalog "LOOK" Exhibition

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